About – Luis Galindo and The Project

This place is designed to show global experiences using technology and arts. Specifically I use programming tools like Etoys, Scratch, Python and movil apps (Android) to build a new educational model based on the raw material of XXI century: Creativity.

Originally this blog was created for a project initiated by me (Luis Galindo) in a Children’s Home in Santa Cruz – Bolivia, with the support of the OLPC with 3 Xo computers and a creative laboratory built from old desktop computers with Ubuntu and Sugar.

The work was focused on the construction of videogames and simulators through Etoys and Scratch. The aim was to work with creative programming tools in an environment with children who had never touched a computer.

The idea of ​​the current blog is to show global education experiences using both technological and artistic tools to develop creativity.


I’m worked with Scratch in two schools teaching Spanish in the south of France. The aim was to show that with programming tools such as Scratch we can move into any field of learning environment in a creative way.


In Bolivia, where remain our 3 Xo laptops, it is developing a project to work with Scratch (you can follow here the information on this new initiative).

The World

This space is also aimed to people that I know around the world who are working, experimenting and researching in education, technology and art, you can follow these publications here.

8 comments on “About – Luis Galindo and The Project

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  2. bueno, esto si que es una demostración clara de los buenos usos de la tecnología en la educación, promoviendo el cambio social.

    Felicitaciones!. Lorena Paz

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if you might be interested in helping to modify an Antikythera Mechanism eToys project to add user input for date time and to display date time with start / stop/ fast forward/ fast reverse

    Kind regards



    • Hello Richard!

      Great project, the problem is that these months I have almost no time, but can you give me the link of the Etoys project? we can ask the OLPC and Etoys community if someone wants to work on this, I know people that works a lot with Etoys, I will copy your message to the lists, but is better if we can give them the link of the project.

      Have a nice day!


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